Over 300 Zimbabwean farmers gathered in Madizva, Zimbabwe to celebrate World Tobacco Growers Day. Millions of tobacco farmers spanning fifteen countries across the globe celebrated the Fourth World Tobacco Growers’ Day (WTGD), an initiative launched by the International Tobacco Growers’ Association(ITGA) in 2012 to help raise awareness of the concerns of tobacco-growing communities worldwide.

Growers from Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Colombia, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Macedonia, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia, and of course Zimbabwe took part in the activities, promoting tobacco-growing and the significant contribution that it brings to their respective regions and countries.

In Zimbabwe the day was celebrated through speeches supporting tobacco farmers and the legal product they, socio-economic importance of tobacco, dancing, processions and denouncing WHO FCTC draconian regulations. Farmers also called for WHO FCTC reforms that exclude the voice of the farmer. The WHO FCTC continually refuses to acknowledge their unreasonable regulations will irreparably damage the livelihoods of millions of tobacco-growers and their families worldwide.

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